donderdag 29 november 2007

The cards give-away

Hi ladies! Thanks for your comments on the welcome post! As said we will throw all the names of people who commented in a hat and pull out ten names, whom we will send the (blanc) cards. We also said to choose a RAK-winner between all the people that entered layouts for recent dutch dares, but we want to make it completely fair so we set the deadline on tuesday dec 4th, 20 pm Dutch time. (As we always give two weeks to make a dare. And only one week has past now since dare #27.) So a RAK winner will be chosen next week on wednesday. Send in your projects to and leave a link to your creation under the #27 post below. Thanks for playing along!

Here's the names we pulled out of a (warm and cozy ;) hat today!:
Antoinette, Marlies, Charlotte, Ingrid, Corinne, Silvitanova, Earane, Brigitta, Alice and Marjolein. Ladies send your adresses to and we will send you a card!

Have a great thursday!

6 opmerkingen:

Charlotte zei

Woohoo!!! :D I'm a winner (again!)! LOL Can't wait to see what card I will get (and I'm also curious to see my little present;))...

Antoinette zei

Great! Thanks girls, what a nice surprise. Had a really bad day so I could use a little cheering up :)

Ingrid zei

Woohoo!! I won a card. Can't wait to see what gorgeous card I will receive in the mail.

Marlies zei

Ah, that's so cool! I love happy mail! :)
Thanks ladies.

Silvitanova zei

I love that! Thanks :)

Marjolein zei

And I'm terrible here, never saw this post, but I like it very much!!Can't wait to see the card!